Inclusive Housing


group project with
Varun Bajaj

The exercise required us to design an economically “inclusive” housing complex in Dwarka, New Delhi.

Every economic class is an important part of the larger city and the local system. There is a sense of trust and belonging amidst individual communities. The different groups all work together in tandem but tend to socially interact only at specific points. The design aims to encourage this limited interplay by providing more “opportunities for interaction”:  spaces and functions through which residents intersect and interact. At the same time the scheme accepts and caters to the different lifestyles of different economic groups.

Contesting the boundaries between the public and private also provides opportunity for interaction while giving back to the neighbourhood and the city. Commercial activity at the site edges, along the main roads and next to the urban village encourage ‘transaction’ and interaction between the residents, villagers, and other public.

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