By the People


group project with
Ammani Nair, Rohan Patankar, Vani Sood and Varun Bajaj

guided by
Dr. Leon Morenas

Through primary research, we documented the characteristics of three mohallas in Shahjahanabad, Delhi. These findings were presented in a seminar titled By the People: Complexity in the Commonplace.

We learnt that these micro-communities have largely emerged through self-organized, non-designed growth and exhbit cooperation, resource sharing, and respect for public spaces- characteristics that planners value but are unable to recreate.

Our seminar also raised pertinent questions about the role of the designer in such a reality: how does this knowledge of self organization -of unconscious and spontaneous non-design, by the people- affect the designer’s response? Can active design make conversation with this self-organization in a way that multiplies its positives and negates its negatives?

You can read more about the seminar here.


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