Seminar 2012: Architecture and Beyond


group project with
Kabilan S.

With a classmate, I was in charge of the graphic identity, blog, and campaign to promote a series of seminars organized by final year students at SPA. I also helped design a book which collates chosen seminar papers.

We wanted to promote the idea of the seminar programme as an opportunity to research, learn, question, and most importantly, discuss. The Question Think Talk tagline and logo was an attempt to highlight the nature of the debates we wanted to encourage. We also realised that the seminars in recent years lacked a constant graphic theme, and posters for each event were often radically different. Students were thus required to place the logo and tagline on any graphic material they released, leading to a more cohesive identity for the entire programme. Graphic material was also created for the common blog.

The main elements of the identity are the bold colour scheme, the diagrid pattern (which ties in neatly with the triangular SPA logo) and the icon. The fonts used in this project are Archive,Adelle and Minion Pro. For the book design we chose a to work with a single column of body text, a smaller one for captions, and wide margins. We focused on creating plenty of white space to frame the mostly text heavy content.

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