A Facility for Progressive Self-sufficiency



The development of urban villages can be accelerated by both public investment in infrastructure and a steady increase in the income of residents. However, public investment itself depends on the prosperity of the village.

Intervention in the form of a facility which aims to build long-term skills and assets for the villagers will lead to their socio-economic development. This will be followed by improved civic infrastructure and amenities.

The undergraduate thesis was selected to be published as a book by the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. The book is required to be in an A4 single page landscape format, but the design is left up to the student.

For the design of my book I chose a five column grid. The column furthest from the spine is left clear for infographics, captions and a required folio; this gave me the flexibility of setting type in 2 or 4 columns.

While designing the book I focused on white space and rigidly following the grid I had set for myself. The tone of the books is mostly grey / black with hints of colour in the way of photographs and some graphics. Icons were used to simplify and categorize various functional components and projects; these were designed by me or sourced from The Noun Project.

The book is typeset in Aerohop. The display font used is Abril Fatface.

Please view the book in the single page layout.

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