Delhi Dallying

2011-2013 / Independent

group project with
Rohan Patankar and Varun Bajaj

Delhi Dallying began as a seminar event during the 2011 college festival. It questioned the image of Delhi: Is Delhi an iconic city? If New York: skyscrapers, then, Delhi:? Over the past two years we have expanded Delhi Dallying into a public forum which runs a blog, a facebook page and organizes walks, talks and other interactive events with an aim to incite discussion on the complexity of everyday life in the city.

We’ve hosted two walks to Shahjahanabad, which explore the mohallas and the by-lanes, not the famous tourist spots. We’ve also led a walk around Barakhamba Road. We continue to provoke conversation via our poster series. For the 2013 college festival we organized the Delhi Grub Quiz, where we gave away free food, purani Dilli style, whenever someone correctly answered a question on Delhi. We also made a movie to promote this event. Our latest project, the Museum Series, involves visiting and reviewing the many museums of the city.

Delhi Dallying was featured in HT City as the Delhi Blog of the Week (June 14, 2013).